ISPR refutes Ehsanullah Ehsan’s claims, says he escaped during operation

Ehsanullah Ehsan, a Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader who acted as its spokesperson and claimed responsibility for a few of its deadliest attacks, escaped from Pakistan’s custody during an operation, confirmed Pakistan Army’s spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar on Thursday.

The ISPR DG was responding to an issue a few recently leaked audiotape of Ehsan during which he claimed he was kept by the Pakistan Army at a secure house in Peshawar and ran from there employing a cab-hailing service.

“The comments made within the tape are absolutely baseless,” Major General Iftikhar said. the inside ministry has also said that he escaped while we were using him for an operation.

“He was in our custody and therefore the information he gave helped us dismantle the terrorist organisations he was working for,” said the spokesperson. “I leave it to the higher judgement of everyone to make a decision why he made such claims.”

Ehsan was infamous for issuing chilling claims following TTP attacks and has been linked to a number of the country’s most bloody attacks — including the bombing at a park in Lahore during Easter 2016, and therefore the targeting of education activist and Nobel Peace lottery winner Malala Yousafzai.

He surrendered to authorities in 2017 and later gave high-profile interviews on Pakistani television. It angered many within the country who believed he was being pampered by authorities after years of helping lead the bloody insurgency.

Relations with Saudi Arabia
Pakistan and its people are pleased with the country’s historic relations with Saudi Arabia , the ISPR DG said while responding to an issue about the COAS’s visit to the dominion .

“Nobody can doubt the centrality of Saudi Arabia to the Muslim world,” he remarked. The COAS visit was planned already. No got to read an excessive amount of into it.

The army chief is predicted to go to the dominion this weekend.

Relations with India
He even remarked that India has increased its defence budget and is spending more on acquiring weapons.

A journalist asked the spokesperson to reply to India acquiring more Rafale fighter jets. To which, he said: “If India acquires more jets than it just shows their insecurities. We don’t care if they get 500 or five more jets. We are absolutely able to combat our enemies albeit we aren’t spending on defence the maximum amount as them.”

He remarked that wars aren’t won with weapons but with nation’s unity.

India has been taking hegemonic steps and spreading the hearth of communal hatred. This along side their military spending has made their expansionist policies quite clear to everyone.

‘Freedom may be a blessing’
Freedom may be a blessing and that we should thank our leaders, like Allama Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah, for his or her struggle for freedom, he remarked.

“Ask about the importance of freedom from the mothers in Indian-administered Kashmir who bury the bodies of their children covered within the Pakistani flag,” he said.

The human rights of Kashmiris are being violated. India is trying to vary Kashmir’s demography by removing Muslims from there. Children and woman are being tortured, youngsters are being killed within the name of ‘counter-terrorism’ and it’s become normal for India to use pellet guns on children .

India’s terrorism has been unveiled by international human rights organisation and media too. we’ve raised this issue 3 times at international forums within the past one year. We hope that Kashmiris convince achieve success in their struggle.

Speaking about the road of Control situation, he said that the India violated it 1,927 times during the coronavirus lockdown. “They [the Indian Border Forces] knowingly targeted the people of Azad Kashmir. During these violations 16 people, including five kids, seven women and 4 men, were killed and countless others injured.”

He said that the military helps make shelters for the people of Azad Kashmir in order that they will stay safe during the ceasefire violations. We plan on making 1,000 shelters, of which 400 are completed.

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