Islamabad is Cleaner Than Ever due to COVID-19

Islamabad is cleaner than ever thanks to COVID-19 as residents are less mobile during the lockdown – garbage generation in commercial areas by 40 to 50%. consistent with the Islamabad Metropolitan Council (IMC) Sanitation Director Sardar Khan Zimri, the rubbish generation within the city’s commercial areas has reduced by 40 to 50 percent. Islamabad is cleaner than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, as residents are less mobile during the lockdown.

According to the IMC Sanitation Director Zimri, the commercial areas produced a mean of 100 tonnes of garbage before pandemic on a day to day . However, since the lockdown thanks to COVID-19 began, the amount has reduced to 50-60 tonnes of garbage, making Islamabad cleaner than before.

“As per an estimate, our total garbage pickup has also reduced from 600 tonnes to 500 tonnes thanks to selective lockdowns within the federal capital,” he added.

What does all of this mean for the IMC workers? Sanitation Director Zimri stated that quite 200 sanitary workers are disengaged from the most commercial markets of the town thanks to the reduced work. These workers have now been sent to villages, where the rubbish collection wasn’t regular within the past.

“The situation provides us a chance to launch an aggressive cleanliness campaign in Islamabad’s urban and rural areas and to make sure a clean and green environment for the federal capital,” he said.

Zimri added that the main target nowadays is on the ‘Clean and Green Islamabad Campaign’ – cleansing of nullahs and storm drains is that the main objective for the IMC in order that other diseases like malaria and dengue don’t prevail.

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