Indian forces do not need permission to acquire land in Kashmir: Indian government passes law

The Indian government has enacted a controversial new law in Kashmir under its administration that the military can take hold of any location by declaring it strategic.

The Indian-administered Kashmir administration has scrapped a years-old law requiring army or paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir to hunt permission from the house ministry to accumulate land anywhere.

On the contrary, this central law will now be applicable in Kashmir during which the acquisition of land for the military , Navy, Air Force or other paramilitary forces is that the prerogative of the govt and that they can control the land by paying adequate compensation wherever they need .

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In this regard, the govt has cited the 2013 Central Land Acquisition Act, which provides for resettlement of land also as reasonable compensation. consistent with the law, the govt has the facility to declare anywhere strategically important. In Kashmir, under the new law, the govt can seize whatever space it deems important from a defence point of view then provide it to the Air Force, Navy and other soldiers .

Most parties in Kashmir have already been alleging that the massive Indian army occupies thousands of acres of land within the region.

Most of the Kashmir political parties in Kashmir are against it and statements are made by several leaders during this regard. However, the govt has approved it despite opposition.

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