Iffat Omar asked Pakistani Artists about nepotism in their industry

Iffat Omar isn’t one to carry back and her show Say it All with Iffat Omar is proof.

In a recent Twitter update, the model turned chat show host, fired some shots after she told Pakistani industry to specialise in nepotism in their own backyard rather than sharing news of “coffee in Karan in hot water”.

“Ever wondered what percentage actors we’ve in our industry?” questioned Omar.

Iffat Omer Tweet

Following the untimely death and suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, audiences and fans are lashing out at Bollywood bigwigs for endorsing star kids and not giving an equivalent number of chances to ‘outsiders’. Koffee with Karan, especially , has come under attack , due to the catty and insensitive remarks that are occasionally passed on the couch. Moreso, Karan Johar’s production company, Dharma Productions, usually launches these star kids placing the director within the direct line of fireside .

Iffat didn’t elaborate her tweet further, but we wonder what kind of nepotism she is pertaining to . Because, within the Pakistani show business , star kids are a rarity.

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