Ibrahim Fibres Limited Under Fire For Sacking 2000 Workers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The prevalent pandemic hit the planet with a brutal force. Making things harsh and leaving its mark on everything it could destroy. Not only were lived lost thanks to the virus, but rather economic and social issues also aspired the pandemic to a totally new level. Many businesses began to fail and lay off employees thanks to low revenues and poor targets achievement. Poverty-stricken families swallowed the dose of inflationary poison as life became hard.

Simultaneously, with the poor situation of complete chaos taking up the place, it had been viable that some repercussions were to be taken. Many organizations were trying to find ways to get off their employees. Ibrahim Fibres has also fired a minimum of 2000 workers in Faisalabad. consistent with some reports, the amount is even quite that.

Ibrahim Fibres may be a flagship unit of the Ibrahim Group. The group holds interests in textiles, captive power, modaraba, leasing, and commodity trading.

In order to protest for his or her rights, workers lined up to protest in Faisalabad right after they were sacked by Ibrahim Fibres – the organization that also owns Allied Bank!

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