Honda increases car, motorcycle prices

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) has announced a rise in prices of varied models from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1 lakh with effect from August 10.

According to a letter company sent to its authorized dealers, the corporate attributed the increase in prices to the present exchange situation and said that it had been difficult in touch the consequences of the rate of exchange .

The price of City 1.3 Manual Transmission and 1.3 automatic drive increased by Rs 60,000 and Rs 65,000 respectively, after which its price became Rs 24.49 lakh and Rs 26.39 lakh.

In addition, the worth of Honda Civic 1.8 L VT SR CVT and 1.8 LVTI CVT was also increased by Rs. 80,000 which is now priced at Rs3.979m and Rs3.729m.

Honda has added Rs 100,000 to the worth of the Civic’s Turbo RS and TurboOreal models, which can now be available at Rs 4,699,000 and Rs 4,449,000 respectively.

Atlas Honda Limited (AHL), a motorbike maker, has announced a price hike of Rs 1,400 to Rs 4,000 from Dominion Day , effective August 3.

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