Hania Aamir confirms she’s not dating Asim Azhar

ania Aamir just answered the burning question her fans are asking ever since she was first spotted with Asim Azhar – are the 2 dating?

In a recent live chat with Aima Baig, Aamir clarified that she isn’t during a relationship with Asim and therefore the two are just excellent friends.

Responding to a lover during the live session, Hania said: “He’s asking if we’re still together. We’re friends, we’re not together, we’re not dating, we’re not a few . But we are best friends.”

Hania’s answer shocks Aima, who responds: “Yeh tou mujhe bhi nahi pata tha (Even I didn’t realize this).”

Hania, then went onto clarify, saying “No no, listen, actually, we’re great friends. We’re there for every other and that i even played a neighborhood in his video.”

She also shared that she’s working with Asim on a replacement project.

“I’m getting to make him help me with a song that I’m doing. He’s getting to be there for that and that i hope I can make him roll in the hay ,” shared Hania.

Ending her answer, Hania said: “But as far as relationships and ‘are you together?’ cares , I’m not with anyone.”

Baig then joked: “Her boyfriend is her work lately ,” to which Aamir responded “My work lately and myself lately .”

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