Govt. of Balochistan extends lockdown for 15 more days

The government of Balochistan has extended the coronavirus lockdown for 15 more days, till August 17.

The official notification during this regard was issued on Monday.

“[The] threat of the coronavirus still exists and restrictions on social distancing and precautionary measures are required to be put in situ for the security of human lives,” says the notification.

The notification further stated that an entire ban on the gathering of 10 or more people, sit-in, all types of social, religious gatherings, pillion riding are going to be observed during the lockdown.

According to the notification, shopping malls, markets, and stores are going to be allowed by the provincial government to stay open from 9 am-7 pm, while general stores, medical stores, et al. , selling necessary commodities can remain open 24/7.

Furthermore, all educational institutions, including, schools, colleges, technical and vocational institutes, coaching centers, madrassas, will remain closed. Cinema halls, farmhouses, picnic spots, entertainment places, marriage halls, gyms, sports complexes, parks, hotels will remain closed.

The provincial government also allowed inter-city and intra-city transport operations to resume on the condition that they follow the province’s prescribed safety measures.

Balochistan LockDown

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