Govt likely to increase Petrol price by Rs3.5 today

The decision to vary the costs of petroleum products are going to be taken today.

The Oil and Gas regulatory agency (OGRA) had two days ago sent a proposal to extend the worth of petrol by Rs 7 and diesel by Rs 8 per litre to the Petroleum Division. However, the govt today decided to vary the worth of petrol.

New prices are going to be applicable from 12 tonight.

Apart from petrol and diesel, OGRA had also proposed a rise in kerosene and lightweight diesel prices.

OGRA sent proposals on the idea of Rs 30 per litre petroleum levy. the worth of petrol includes a petroleum levy of Rs 26.70.

Sources told NewsBox that the worth of diesel includes a petroleum levy of Rs 25.73 per litre.

It may be recalled that a month ago, a gathering of the Economic Coordination Committee chaired by the Finance Advisor approved a proposal by the Ministry of Energy to vary the costs of petroleum products after 15 days.

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