Going Against Govt Orders, Private Schools Of Pakistan To Reopen On August 15th

Rejecting the government’s decision to extend the tutorial lockdown till September 15, the private schools of Pakistan have come on an equivalent page about reopening. Classes now will start from Assumption rather than September 15, as suggested by the govt .

Speaking at a joint news conference , an academic Network spokesperson said that the govt had opened other sectors of life, after controlling the COVID-19 outbreak. during this regard, it had been now time that schools and academic institutions opened also .

Stating that students of spiritual seminaries and schools alike had suffered the worst of this COVID-19, it had been now time to reopen. However, they mentioned that special SOPs are going to be followed and therefore the schools are going to be opened under ‘strict safety measures’. Already, almost 6 months of education have gone to the dogs, and further delay in reopening schools would cost the youngsters .

A PEN contingent had also been meeting ministers and other advisors of the govt on an equivalent issue. The school network remains trying to convince the govt to not persist with their initial decision of opening schools in mid-September.

“The government has formed a three-member committee of provincial ministers to submit recommendations for the opening of institutions but the body is yet to present its report during this regard,” said PEN spokesman Mr. Daudzai. He added that the lockdown had been detrimental to students and teachers alike, for various reasons.

“The owners of those institutions and non secular seminaries are able to extend full cooperation to government for holding coronavirus and it’s time to open the institutions.”

Students on the opposite hand have now had enough of the lockdown also . All round the country, even the backbenchers who wanted the COVID-19 break to prolong, now want to return to colleges .

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