Girl ‘gang raped’ in Lahore after making friends on TikTok

The Lahore Police has arrested a person who allegedly gang-raped a woman together with his two accomplices. the 2 reportedly became friends at a well-liked video-sharing app, TikTok.

According to reports, the victim girl filed a complaint at Millat Park police headquarters in Lahore during which she accused three men of gang-raping her.

In her complaint, the girl stated that she became friends with a boy, Shiraz, through the TikTok app 20 days ago. Shiraz then called her to return to the Samanabad area on June 13. When she reached there, Shiraz asked her to take a seat in his car. Two men were already sitting within the vehicle.

The girl said that she was gang-raped by all three men on gunpoint inside the car.

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