Get the specialist coaching for PUBG and Fortnite at just $5

Fiverr has recently started training services to people who are looking for some help and success in PUBG and Fortnite. Nowadays everyone is super obsessed with these games.

Fiverr has unveiled an online shop to cater to the needs of gamers from all around the world by focusing on the interest in video and mobile games.

This is an opportunity for gamers to sell their skills and abilities online. The buyer will get assistance from the experts, and this in return will allow the company to make some money too.

PUBG and Fornite are a big success in the gaming industry. There are over 5 million online players at any one time between the two of them. Both of these games operate on the same survival style model.

In which 100 random gamers from around the world are selected and dropped on the battlefield and everyone has to fight for the 1st spot.

Taking coaching service for as inexpensive as $5 is not a bad deal at all. You can get enrolled for $5 and learn from the experts of these games.

The gurus of these games will help you with not only your gaming style, and strategy but will also update you with the new tips and tricks that can give you an upper hand on the battlefield.

Fiverr was founded back in 2010, the revenue model of Fiverr is commission based. Both sellers and buyers interact on the platform. Sellers provide professional services in different categories starting from $5.

In this online shop along with coaching services; sellers and buyers can also trade gigs in different categories that range from the development of the games to the streaming of the game on different platforms.

The gaming industry has got massive growth during the past few years and most of this success is for the games that offer “last-man-standing multiplayer mode“. These games sell outlay, equipment, and add-ons to the players and make millions out of it.

Author: Nadia Arshad, a SEO Content Writer

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