Fraudsters Give Rs 86,000 In Fake Notes To Poor Goat Vendor In Bakra Mandi

With Bakra Eid right round the corner, the cattle and animal markets are in full-fledge hurry to urge maximum sales of their products done. From rocket inflation of bulky bulls to grass grazing goats most are in look for a best buy, to sacrifice this Eid. However, during this chaos, there are multiple occasions where both seller and buyer might come to face situations like fraud or forgery.

A tragic incident happened where a poor vendor within the sacrificial animal market gets fooled by fraudsters. This pauper sells his goat for Rs. 86000/- and later checks that the cash he has is fake. That’s right! These people bought a goat from him. and therefore the worst part is all the Rupee notes were actually fake.

In addition, Abdul Karim, the poor vendor may be a father to 3 daughters who planned to sell goats this year. He mentions that he wanted to offer a more festive Bakra Eid to his daughters this year.

To make matters worse, this pauper had taken these goats as a sort of a loan, and still has got to pay the owner in his village. Moreover, he tells the whole story of how he got muddled with these people from the beginning . He mentions he feels helpless, on what would he tell his daughters now! and that we are heartbroken!

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