FIA launches inquiry against Jahangir Tareen in money laundering

A joint team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and therefore the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has been actively investigating the known and unknown assets of billionaire Jahangir Tareen. FIA has contacted public and personal institutions which have a record of wealth and business of Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT).

Formal notices are issued against JKT and 19 officials and personal entities on charges of cash laundering and company fraud.

In issuing the notice, the Sugar Commission 2020 Inquiry Report has been taken under consideration . the knowledge sought includes almost every property of JKT and therefore the people around him.

Such people include his family and key employees. Most of those notices include 22 individuals and corporations affiliated with JKT.

The FIA / SECP includes all bank accounts, shares, assets, companies and every one their records, income and wealth tax returns, outward remittances, fixed deposits, credit cards, running finance, locker details, etc.

The 22 individuals and corporations mentioned include Jahangir Tareen, Ali Khan Tareen, Mrs. Amna Tareen, Maryam Tareen Sethi, Mehr Tareen, Sehar Khan Tareen, Princely Jets, Universal Brothers, Ain Traders, Al Karim International Travels, Mohammad Radeeq. , Maqsood Ahmad Malahi, Waleed Farooqi, Rana Naseem, Syed Ahmed Mahmood, Syed Mustafa Mahmood, Hassan Muneeb, Siraj Welfare, Rana Uzair Naeem, Bilal Jabbar, Sajjad Ahmad Fakhri and Amir Waris.

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