FBR Chief Replaced

The federal has removed Nausheen Amjad from the post of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairperson, replacing her with Javed Ghani.

Amjad, a BS-22 officer of Inland Revenue Service (IRS), had in April been appointed as FBR chairperson after then chief Shabbar Zaidi couldn’t continue his duties thanks to health conditions.

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan had handpicked Zaidi as his man to realize the goal of collecting Rs5.5 trillion in taxes during the previous financial year and Rs8 trillion by the top of his term.

Zaidi was good in policymaking but he couldn’t handle the FBR’s operations well. the previous chairman also couldn’t appoint competent members at the highest and transferred thousands of individuals of low ranks without replacing the highest hierarchy.

His successor, Nausheen was the second woman to steer the organisation of 25,000 people and therefore the fourth chairperson within the past 20 months.

The government had approved her appointment by having the federal cabinet circulate a summary rather than bringing the matter during a regular cabinet meeting.

Nausheen faced and her successor faces a big task of stopping the nosediving tax revenues, restructuring the highest FBR hierarchy and improving the contaminated image of the tax machinery.

Ghani also will need to address the difficulty of rampant corruption, particularly fresh reports regarding some officers receiving kickbacks from taxpayers for putting their names on the list of these who will receive tax refunds on a priority basis under the PM’s COVID-19 relief package, and achieve targets set by the govt within the new budget.

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