Fawad Chaudhry Just Slammed PTA & The Supreme Court For Banning Apps In Pakistan

While the planet is utilizing the potential of social media platforms to revolutionize their ability to attach across geographical and social divides, Pakistan seems to be adamant to curtail the essential right of freedom of speech of the many living during this country by ‘banning’ apps.

While banning apps in Pakistan is nothing new, recently it all started off with the PUBG ban which was implemented on the bottom of so-called complaints by “various sections within the society”

This week PTA banned BIGO and issued a final warning to TikTok on the account of sharing immoral, obscene and vulgar content on their platforms
PTA has claimed that the content shared on the mentioned apps is against societal standards and values. The administrating body has also mentioned that this content is leading towards the moral degradation of youth and has adversely impacted the society generally .

Even the Supreme court of Pakistan jumped into this debate by hinting at another YouTube ban, which has angered numerous

The court basically objected to the anti-judiciary and anti-government content posted on the social media platforms and while answering an issue about taking action against those who post such stuff, representative of PTA stated that they will ‘t remove the content but they can report it. To which the judges responded that YouTube is already banned in many countries and discussed how social media is regulated through local laws in several countries.

Well, this is often not the primary time that a ban is being planned for YouTube. Previously, YouTube was banned in Pakistan in 2012 and therefore the ban was lifted after four years.

Fawad Chaudhry just slammed PTA and Supreme Court over this arbitrary and stupid banning of apps in Pakistan

In his recent tweet by lashing out at the authorities and stated that PTA and courts shouldn’t attempt to moral police the awaam. He also argued that actions like this may hamper the technological growth of the country. He further said that the constant interference of judges in issues like these haven’t allowed the country to grow.

People supported the sane suggestion given by Fawad Chaudhry to PTA and Supreme Court
They said that the authorities should come up with a far better approach than to only ‘ban’ stuff they don’t like.

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