Father Murders his own Children In Rawalpindi after a Fight with Wife

COVID-19 has trapped the violence victims with their abusers. the worldwide pandemic itself being life-threatening has also increased the risks related to violence .

On Friday, a minimum of three children are reported to be found dead. a person allegedly killed his three children over a minor dispute together with his wife. consistent with the sources, the incident happened in Dera Muslim village, Rawalpindi.

Killing in pakistan

These violence death cases are exponentially increasing mainly in Pakistan. Especially, child homicide is reported every other day. additionally to the present , these children are killed for such trivial and minor reasons that it makes one wonder how insignificant their lives are thought to be.

Coming towards the present case, the accused is identified as Noor Muhammad. He was trying to escape to Karachi. However, it’s reported that he was arrested from Sukkur on Friday night.

According to the small print , the accused was having a fight together with his wife. subsequent thing we all know is that he killed his three children. Railway police Sukkur allegedly administered a raid at Pakistan Express and arrested the suspect from Rohri station.

Moreover, upon asking, the SSP Railway said that the suspect was trying to escape to Karachi. The police have registered a case against the accused and have begun an investigation.

The details also state that three children were locked during a trunk reportedly by their father. Apparently, he features a fight together with his wife and he did so to punish her as she had gone back to her parents’ house. These children are reported to be found dead on Friday. Furthermore, the accused has confessed to the murders in Railway police custody.

Why have such cases become so common these days? Cases of violence have always been there. we’ve only seen a rise within the statistic over the passage of your time . no matter the existence of laws that affect domestic abuse, victims have found no relief. They still suffer from violence .

The children are identified as Faizan, Usman, and Rida. They were between the ages of 4 and nine. consistent with the small print , the accused has two more older children. Fortunately, they both managed to flee .

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