Esra Bilgic Becomes Brand Ambassador For Jazz

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has been teasing her Pakistani fans about finding her no 1 in Pakistan. While people were making wild guesses about her cryptic message. It looks like it had been yet one more promotion for her next brand endorsement deal in Pakistan.

After becoming a brand ambassador for Qmobile, Esra has now joined one among the most important Pakistan telecommunication network Jazz as its brand ambassador. Esra, also as Jazz, has just made a politician announcement through social media.

“I think it’s time to inform the planet . #DunyaKoBataaDo #JazzSuper4G,” she wrote on Instagram together with her stunning picture in Jazz theme color. She has given a sneak peek of her next big brand endorsement in Pakistan.

While, Jazz on their Facebook page announced Esra as their new brand ambassador. “Looks like we found our No. 1 too,” they wrote.

Pakistanis are already going gaga over the Turkish beauty. Her yet one more brand deal in Pakistani will surely bring tons of fame and recognition to the brand. It’s an honest marketing deal by Jazz network.

However, earlier her brand affect Qmobile also brought tons of criticism by Pakistani celebrities. They believed that Pakistani actors deserve more chance to endorse the brand instead of a foreigner. But, it’s quite insecurity that a number of the Pakistani actors possess. Many Pakistanis, also as foreign stars, collaborate with one another and form creative alliances.

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