Emirates launches air bridge between Dubai and Lebanon dedicating over 50 flights to deliver much needed emergency relief support

In the wake of the Port of Beirut explosions which have devastated many parts of Lebanon’s capital city, Emirates is standing with Lebanon to supply critical emergency relief and aid to the many thousands of individuals suffering from the blasts. Emirates SkyCargo plans to build up its freighter operations to Lebanon by dedicating over 50 flights to deliver much needed airlift to the country.

Emirates is providing people round the world the chance to donate cash or pledge their Skywards Miles, through a fanatical , secure, and convenient portal via the Emirates Airline Foundation. For subsequent three months of donations, the Emirates Airline Foundation will successively directly coordinate shipments of urgent food, medical supplies and other much-needed items with a variety of NGO partners to make sure donations directly help those affected on the bottom during a swift and transparent manner. Work is underway to mobilise recognised humanitarian partners.

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