Dr. Yasmin Rashir “Punjab Health Minister ” calls Lahoris Jahil and blame them for spreading corona virus

Coronavirus has been a neighborhood of our everyday conversations since its spread in Wuhan, China became known to international media. Since then every decision we make, everything we do Coronavirus may be a pandemic always present in everyone’s minds.

The Pakistani government has taken various steps to make sure the virus doesn’t spread further. Still many in our country act as if COVID-19 doesn’t exist and roam around with none precautions.

Recently, during a television interview, Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid criticized Pakistani awam’s (nation) irresponsible behavior towards COVID-19 prescribed SOPs.

‘Lahoris are a difficult species’
“Even though the govt took strict actions, still people aren’t taking the pandemic seriously,” she said.

“Lahoris it seems are a completely different species. they’re never able to hear anyone or anything.”

“When we enforced an entire lockdown people were up and arms about it making it appear as if we are oppressing the state . If we stop forcefully stop people the govt. is wrong if we let people decide even then its the govt’s fault.”

Lahore Corona Virus
Lahore Corona Virus

“We tried and gave the people time to know the severity of things , but unfortunately, the last six weeks have shown how responsible our people truly are.”

Dr. Yasmin also said the govt wasn’t implementing smart lockdown in specific locations which are termed COVID-19 hotspots after having the foremost number of cases.

People aren’t following SOPs then blaming the govt.
Corona will affect everyone. “It is unfortunate that some people from the opposition parties are initiating propagandas saying because PTI has advised wearing mask hence we won’t. Where is that the logic in this?”, asked the minister.

Lahore Corona Virus 1
Lahore Corona Virus 1

The health minister sharing her distress said that no other nation would should such idiocy like what we as Pakistanis were showing in these uncertain times.

‘Corona is fake’
People are so acting so indifferently towards corona that it’s truly saddening. Moreover, false news regarding the pandemic isn’t also helping the matter.

“People are calling me and saying that folks who attend the hospital are being injected with something which causes corona which it’s not real.”
“Where is our country truly heading?”, said the health minister disapprovingly

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