Dozens of Pakistani migrants deported from Germany

Dozens of Pakistani migrants have once more been deported en bloc from Germany. Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, a flight carrying 33 Pakistani nationals from Munich has reached Islamabad.

The German press agency DPA reported on Wednesday (August 19th) that a plane carrying 33 Pakistani nationals from Germany had landed in Islamabad. The repatriation of those Pakistanis has also been confirmed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to Pakistani officials, about three dozen citizens who have returned home are all men.
Of those 33, 24 were based in Germany, seven in neighbouring Austria and therefore the other two were deported by authorities from another German neighbour, Poland. All of them were collected in Munich and sent to Islamabad.

In the days leading up to the Coronavirus outbreak in Germany, authorities delayed the deportation of asylum seekers whose applications had been rejected. After a stalemate of a couple of months, the method was resumed a month ago, when an outsized number of Pakistanis were deported.

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