Dil Ruba’s Thirteenth Episode Brings More Awful Luckiness For Sanam

Dil Ruba puts Hania Aamir’s Sanam through the test, with more shocking twists. Whoever thought that Hania Aamir and Syed Jibran wouldn’t form a lethal combination must watch the newest episode of Dil Ruba to understand that they share an exquisite chemistry.

Yes, the thirteenth episode did bring more bad luck for Sanam but the way Hania Aamir carried it had been exemplary. One must give full marks to Syed Jibran who changed gears to show from the simplest person to marry, to the worst husband within minutes. It wouldn’t be incorrect to mention that while Sanam’s life turned from worse to worst, it gave the audience something else to experience, aside from the regular Saas Bahu stuff that dominated our TV.

After Sabeeh (Mohib Mirza) refused to marry Sanam (Hania Aamir) another time, the latter’s family decided to travel ahead together with her second marriage with Khurram (Syed Jibran). However, it clothed to be the third marriage for the bridegroom who one moment reminded Sanam of Razi (Nabeel Zuberi) but subsequent moment was even worse than Ayaz (Asad Siddiqui). Sanam leaves her husband’s place to be together with her neglected baby and it had been only after the interference of Khurram’s father (Sheheryar Zaidi), that she was convinced to return.

But this point , it had been different as her father-in-law appointed her the owner of the house in order that it gives a shock to Khurram and make him quit his wayward life. It does have the specified effect on the son, but not before his girlfriend (Ghana Ali) told him to urge his act right if he wanted to impress his father and earn back an area in his good books.

Dil Ruba Drama

It was an episode that fans of Hania Aamir would remember for an extended time. She need to display all types of shades in her arsenal, from a newly-wedded wife to a caring mother, from a wronged-woman to at least one who has all the facility , she was perfect in every avatar. Viewers who saw her character display a carefree attitude within the earlier episode would have expected her to fail within the scene where she tells her father-in-law to not disown his son, but she didn’t. In fact, she was as cold as ice on checking out that the house was now hers, and it might be interesting to ascertain how her marital life moves on within the coming episodes.

And then there was Syed Jibran’s Khurram, the hero and therefore the villain of the episode. If you fell crazy with Khurram’s conduct within the twelfth episode where he was an upscale guy eager to calm down , you’ll hate him after the ‘huge twist within the tale.’ It clothed that his father was pressurizing him to urge married and calm down that too after two divorces, both of which were his own fault!

The way both father and son – Sheheryar Zaidi and Syed Jibran respectively – acted, it must have reminded few within the audience of their relationship with their own father. Here was one successful businessman who wanted to ascertain his son emulate him, and there was the son who wanted nothing to try to to together with his father’s business. With an actor of Shehryar Zaidi’s experience and Syed Jibran’s versatility, it seems that the audience is certain a track which may take the drama to new heights.

Hania Amir

The worst thing about the episode was the limited appearance of the ‘king of broken-hearts’, Sabeeh, played by Mohib Mirza. within the scene where he finds out that Sanam will marry to somebody else for the second time, he lost control over his emotions and no-one except Mohib Mirza would are ready to pull that off. It seems that Sanam’s friends are a thing of the past, and one hopes that Rehana Akhter’s character joins them too, for she is just too loud for TV and ideal for Radio where you’ll control the quantity .

The writer Qaisera Hayat and director Ali Hassan must be commended for doing an honest job overall, but how is preaching ‘get him/her married and things will get better’ an honest thing during this age and time? Didn’t they believe the bundle of joy that changed Sanam’s life and gave her the steadiness she hoped for? Surprisingly, during this episode, Sanam comes out because the intelligent one rather than her mother (Marina Khan) and sister (Durr-e-Fishan) who were the champions of ‘All Would end up Well’ for the second time within the serial. They wanted her to urge married as soon as she delivered the baby, and if the audience can find it weird, why didn’t the manufacturers while they were penning down the entire thing. and the way come her father (Sajeeruddin Khalifa) who hardly had anything to mention within the last twelve episodes was negotiating sort of a pro with Khurram’s father who wasn’t even present at his son’s wedding!

Despite its shortcomings mentioned above, Dil Ruba is miles ahead when it involves dramas lately . With Hania Aamir, Syed Jibran, Shehryar Zaidi, Marina Khan, Mohib Mirza, and Durr-e-Fishan delivering excellent performances, and therefore the story moving as fast because it should, one should be ready for more twists and turns within the coming weeks. Will Khurram turn over a replacement leaf and become Sanam’s savior or will he don a replacement avatar to please his father, it remains to be seen. Will the calmness we experienced within the previous couple of weeks herald a replacement quite storm, and if it does, will it’s in favor of Sanam and her child, let’s hope for the best!

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