Cow Carried By Crane For Sacrifice In Pakistan Slips & Falls To Ground – Video Goes Viral

The year 2020 keeps on giving us harsh realizations as monthly passes by. From the continued pandemic, to plane crashes and what not. It seems the entire year 2020 may be a level game of Jumanji in real-life. Just two days back, Pakistani’s celebrated Bakra Eid 2020. However, the tragic incident of how a sacrificial cow fell from Grus while being lifted down will always haunt us.

Every year many of us tend to remain their sacrificial animals at homes and so as to stay safe from any misfortune or mishap, some leave of the way by keeping their animals on the rooftop. it’s a standard practice in Pakistan and it does sound tad bit risky when it involves lifting these animals up then down.

Hence, this is often why many of us are disturbed by watching the cow fall from such a height because it was lifted down. However, at an equivalent time, some people are questioning the family to whom the cow belonged to.

According to sources, this sacrificial animal was owned by a family for nearly two years in Surjani Town 5D. It had been on the rooftop during this point period.

So why did the family consider taking this risk, knowing how difficult it’d be for them. additionally , why didn’t they decide to sacrifice the animal right over there, where the cow was residing for therefore long.

It saddens us to ascertain such horrifying incidents happening and the way people are still not opening their eyes.

Secondly, the question that’s arising in our minds is how people are often so negligent towards animals. Why is it in order that whenever such horrifying incidents occur, we’d like a revelation of sorts from either animal safety NGOs, etc. to teach us on how animal care albeit stray is vital especially in Pakistan and for street animals particularly.

It seems people are getting materialistic, cruel day by day then they question why such a critical illness has broken or why is Allah punishing them!

Just a couple of days before Bakra Eid, we saw negligence of a family that left their sacrificial goat outside, knowing their locality has stray dog attacks. If you check out it, there are 100 stories which will slot in here. Yet we stay completely indifferent to them, not caring about the repercussions regardless.

In the end, all we will do is pray to Allah for his mercy and tons of forgiveness. additionally , we also hope that this family, in fact, many others refrain from keeping their sacrificial animals on rooftops; in order that this crane lifting practice can finally come to an end in Pakistan.

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