China to open Cinemas on July 20

China is ready to reopen its cinemas that are closed since January 23rd in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The China Film Administration (CFA) announced on Thursday that the country will begin reopening cinemas in “low-risk regions” from July 20, ending nearly six months of closures that left thousands of theaters bankrupt.

The administration during a statement posted to its official website, said, “Cinemas in low-risk regions can resume business in an orderly manner on July 20, with the effective implementation of prevention and control measures. Mid- and high-risk regions must temporarily remain closed,”

“Once low-risk regions become designated as mid- or high-risk regions, they need to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures…[and] cinemas must close again during a timely fashion in accordance with requirements”, it added.

The CFA during a four-page document of specific guidelines and safety measures also elaborated that the attendance of every screening are going to be capped at 30%, and therefore the overall number of screenings per venue must be reduced to “half their number during a normal period.”

Furthermore, each film screening might not exceed two hours long , it said — without providing further detail on what this might mean for extended films.

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