China bans American chicken and Pepsi to check another rush of Coronavirus

As of the afternoon of June 22, the fast-spreading coronavirus had infected nearly 9 million people worldwide, killing quite 468,000 people worldwide.

While many countries round the world are currently easing the lockdown despite the increase in Corona cases, China has begun cracking down on a replacement wave of Corona.

China not only pack up food and beverage markets to stem the new wave of Corona but also temporarily pack up chicken imports from the us and Pepsi.

China and USA

According to the AFP press agency , in sight of the new wave of Corona within the capital Beijing, the authorities not only temporarily stopped the import of chicken from the us but also closed the Pepsi factory within the country.

According to the report, Chinese authorities recently tested 2 million people in Beijing, 22 of whom were diagnosed with corona and every one those diagnosed with the virus were involved in some sort of activity within the capital’s wholesale market where daily necessities are sold.

The Chinese Customs General Administration confirmed that the govt had temporarily banned chicken imports from the US after confirming new cases in Beijing.

Chinese authorities have temporarily banned US chicken company Tyson Foods and instructed authorities to get rid of chicken from the corporate rather than offering it purchasable .

Pepsi was instructed to shut the factory after several employees at the factory were diagnosed with corona.

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