Celebrities Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz Share Tips Regarding Covid-19

Famous morning show host Nida Yasir and director Yasir Nawaz along side their daughter Sila Yasir tested positive for CoronaVirus. Their sons Fareed and Balaj had not contracted the virus and were fortunately safe. After testing positive, Nida, Yasir and Sila went into self-isolation and began communicating with their fans and followers through social media giving answers to a number of the questions that were being asked associated with the virus.

After 14 days of self-isolation, Nida Yasir and Sila Yasir’s results came out negative but Yasir Nawaz’s results still showed that he was Covid positive, although he had recovered fully but as per the doctors, it does take time for a few of the patients to possess their results come negative completely. within the name of a morning show, Nida Yasir features a huge platform and now, she has put other regular programming on hold and is now dedicating all the shows associated with CoronaVirus. Nida Yasir herself has had a firsthand experience with the disease, therefore she knows it’s absolutely crucial for her to require advantage of her morning show and use it to spread awareness to regular people. this is often an honest initiative taken by Nida Yasir and therefore the team of excellent Morning Pakistan because now when Nida will discuss Coronavirus, she is going to be speaking through her personal experience and audience won’t only hear her but also will find her relatable.

Nida Yasir is now inviting health experts to her show, who are giving out useful recommendations on the way to strengthen the immunity system of the body to stop themselves from contracting the virus. The program also features a lot of tips for those that have tested positive and are fighting the virus. Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz conducted a show so as to share their experience and every one those tips that they feel worked for them, this is often an honest thanks to encourage people and provides them the reassurance that they’re not alone during this and may fight the battle strongly with the proper approach.

Nida and Yasir

Here are a number of the useful tips Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz shared after defeating Coronavirus:

Say No To Diet

The first and foremost factor that was established everywhere the planet was that so as to fight Coronavirus, having strong immunity is of utmost importance. Nida and Yasir explained that dieting causes tons of weaknesses within the body and so as for the system to be strong, it requires a balanced and well rounded diet. Nida and Yasir have lost tons of weight over the last few years, therefore they spoke about how that they had skipped rice and wheat out of their diet. They were consuming bare minimum to take care of their weight, which made their immunity system weak and susceptible to contract the virus.

Listen to Surah Rehman & Work on Spiritual Connection

Yasir Nawaz shared that he had downloaded Surah Rehman in his mobile and he made bound to disconnect from the whole world and hear it regularly in complete seclusion. He said that he could feel it performing on his mind and body. Yasir Nawaz also emphasized that developing a reference to The Creator is additionally getting to help put things into perspective and provides the inner peace which can be beneficial.

Avoid Disturbing Content

Mental peace also plays a serious role in strengthening and weakening the immunity system. Yasir Nawaz keenly emphasized on the very fact that while observing self-isolation one should avoid watching such content or news that spreads depression and sadness. He continued to mention that sometimes fear mongering causes distress which is that the last item an individual fighting coronavirus should encounter .

Watching Something Fun & Light-hearted

Yasir Nawaz spoke about how they might usually watch something comic and light-hearted to stay himself engaged, which helped him an excellent deal keep the mind off the negative thoughts. He could feel that it had been helping him in staying distracted and not worry an excessive amount of . Nida Yasir spent her time watching the famous Turkish series Ertugrul, another good content deserve ome time and what better thanks to utilize it watching something so interesting and informative.

Avoid Exercising If you’ve got Contracted The Virus

Nida and Yasir shared that the doctors they were in touch with told them to not exercise. the rationale being that while fighting corona, the body is already under stress and doing such a lot , therefore during these times, it’s better to only relax and enter hibernation and not put the body through such a lot strain. Usually exercise causes the immunity to urge stronger but this was within the case when one gets infected.

Consume Protein and Seasonal Fruits

Nida Yasir continued to stress that diet and proper food intake was the key think about fighting coronavirus. After contracting the virus, Nida realized how important it had been to possess an honest and balanced healthy diet because food plays a serious role in aiding the body to function properly. Nida and Yasir consumed tons of proteins, eggs, lentil soups, meat and every one these things that were rich in protein. Seasonal fruits like mangoes also became a neighborhood of their diet because they were rich in vitamins and contained tons of fiber.

Avoid Icy Cold Drinks

Nida Yasir shared how after recovering from the Coronavirus, she drank a bottle of fizzy drink and had frozen dessert because she craved it. However during the time when she was in self-isolation, fighting the virus, she only consumed tons of hot beverages and didn’t do anything that might worsen her condition

Vitamins and Zinc Are Important

They wont to confirm to require vitamin C and D tablets, along side zinc to assist the immunity system to urge stronger. Nida and Yasir shared that the maximum amount as eating the proper quite food was important, there was no denying to the very fact that medicines were necessary to be taken and were a crucial a part of their daily routine.

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