Asim Azhar Buys ‘Dream Car’ For His Mother

Singer-turned actor Asim Azhar buys his mother’s dream car for her. The singer shares an image of himself posing with the new car. He writes, “My mother always wanted this car. Today I got it MashaAllah. Alhamdulillah.”

He posted another, separate social media post including pictures of his family with the car. Asim Azhar bought a Toyota Fortunate for his mother and shared his happiness together with his followers.

The singer recently shared his version of the Bollywood song ‘Humraah’. This song was faraway from the Bollywood movie ‘Malang’ thanks to the strain between India and Pakistan. He began his career with renditions of varied Western songs and went on to compose his very own music.

Asim Azhar has become one among the foremost successful singers in Pakistan. With all the celebrity and success the singer has achieved till now, he recently bought his mother her dream SUV.

Asim Azhar Buys a new car

Asim Azhar’s mother may be a veteran actress, Gul-e-Rana. She played a big role in helping her son to become what he’s today. The grateful son obviously doesn’t miss any opportunity to embrace his mother- such a lot in order that he bought her an SUV.

Why is he getting such a lot hate? Are folks that heartless that they can’t see how hard the person worked to show his mother’s dream into reality.

Needless to mention , we all enjoy memes and every one the trolling on the web . But let’s face it- we’d like to line some boundaries. What did the guy even do to deserve all this backlash? and the way can we forget the shoe-attack during his live concert last year!

The young singer who recently sang Bewafa also received a dozen of congratulations from many fans and celebrities. Thank God, there’s still some decency and humanity left within the world.

The excitement and happiness he shared together with his fans is just awe-inspiring! He deserved such a lot better than what he received. We wholeheartedly wish Asim Azhar well for his future endeavors!

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