ARY Office Sealed After Number of Employees Test Positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus cases are expanding in Pakistan constantly with the general count crossing 13,300 in the nation. Driving media organize, ARY’s office in Islamabad has been shut after 8 individuals have detailed positive for the novel coronavirus.

20 tests have proceeded as a careful step by the organization after 2 individuals indicated side effects of COVID-19.

ARY proprietor, Salman Iqbal, has shared the news on Twitter, saying the workplace will currently be purified and all the representatives will be tried. The organization has additionally guided the representatives to remain at home until further notification.

As a prudent step, arbitrary testing was done in ARY Islamabad office, 8 detailed positive out of 20 tests, and 2 have demonstrated side effects. We have shut our Islamabad office.

 All staff will be tried and office to be sterilized. Till all staff is tried, representatives have been approached to remain at home.

In spite of rehashed warnings, various workplaces are as yet open, hence expanding the odds of the spread of coronavirus.

ARY had recently asserted that it had moved the greater part of its staff to work remotely and just the fundamental staff was approached to come to workplaces, be that as it may, the ongoing news raises questions over the system’s genuineness on the issue.

A greater part of organizations over the globe have embraced the work from home model to limit the spread, be that as it may, supervisors in Pakistan are as yet putting their workforce in danger of contracting coronavirus.

Author: Nadia Arshad, a SEO Content Writer

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