Another doctor died due to coronavirus in Karachi

A doctor of Lyari General Hospital, who was treating coronavirus patients, has died after contracting the disease on Saturday, Sindh health department reported.

Dr Umer Adnan contracted the virus a couple of days ago, the health department said adding that the brother of the deceased is additionally being treated for COVID-19 at a personal hospital.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the deceased’s wife and other acquaintances also are being tested for the deadly infection.

It is pertinent to say here that 25 doctors have died thanks to the coronavirus in Sindh thus far .

According to the ministry of national health services data from last week, the country has seen a steep rise in COVID-19 infections among the frontline heroes, surging to over 6,000 nationwide from 5,000.

Around 70 healthcare workers have died thanks to the virus within the line of duty — with the bulk of deaths being recorded in Sindh, consistent with the info .

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