Another 17 Year Ancient In Karachi Inadvertently Murdered Himself Whereas Making A TikTok

Social media features a tendency to bring out the simplest also because the worst in people. Sometimes, chasing for attention can become seriously lethal for a few people. this is often exactly what happened to at least one unfortunate 17 year old in Karachi. 17 year old TikTok user, Tanveer, accidentally shot himself while filming a TikTok.

Tik Tok Killed

According to news reports, Tanveer used the pistol which was licensed and was owned by his father. He visited a close-by temple and while asking for the video, he mistakenly pulled the trigger which resulted in his death.

Upon investigation, it had been found that the pistol employed by Tanveer had bullets in its chambers.

As per news reports, he family has refused to continue with the post mortem and therefore the body has now been handed back to the family.

It’s not almost TikTok, Neither is that this the primary incident which involved the mishandling of a weapon while shooting a TikTok video. Only recently an adolescent from Sialkot lost his life during a similar way. Incidents like this mention the necessity for gun regulation in Pakistan in order that they’re not as easily accessible to children.

This also brings up the necessity for discussion on safe usage and existence of children on social media. you’ll have heard of incidents in Pakistan and abroad of children getting to extreme lengths to chase views and likes, and doing pranks which may put their life in peril .

Extreme steps that include banning of the app should be avoided and it should be understood that the app isn’t guilty but the irresponsible handling of the weapon is. Banning isn’t the answer but learning better ways in order that everyone can safely exist within the public space is that the right thanks to set about preventing such incidents within the future.

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