‘Allah has not sent any disease without cure’: Hajj Sermon 2020

Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman while giving Hajj sermon 2020 in Nimra Mosque said, “difficulties within the world are a test of Allah, difficulties come only by the command of Allah but Allah has not given any disease which can’t be cured.”

Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “We bear witness that none is deserve worship except Allaah, and he’s One.”

Giving Hajj sermon in Nimra Mosque, he said, “along with these sufferings and difficulties, there are innumerable blessings of Allah Almighty and within the Qur’an, Allah has said that if you would like to count the blessings of Allah, you can’t count them.”

In the Hajj Sermon, the Sheikh said, “it is as if Allah tests you thru hardships, difficulties and hardships. Allah has clearly stated in His Word that Allah wants to form things easy for you.”

He said that there are economic hardships and difficulties, Saudi Arabia itself tried to unravel these problems, so to Traders should cooperate with one another to urge out of this predicament.

In the Hajj sermon, he said, “Allah has not sent down any disease that there’s no cure. Allah has sent down medicine and cure for each disease. At an equivalent time, he said that the Holy Prophet said: If there’s an epidemic within the place, then you ought to not enter this land and therefore the people that are there shouldn’t begin of this land.”

Elaborating on the efforts of the Saudi government, Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman said that despite the hardships, the Saudi government arranged Hajj and facilitated the pilgrims and tried to save lots of the Muslims from this disease.

It is estimated that about 2.5 million pilgrims perform Hajj annually , but this year a limited number of individuals from different countries living in Saudi Arabia are performing the Hajj thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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