After wife tested positive for COVID-19, Husband pushed her from 5th floor of building

An Egyptian throws his wife from the 5th floor after discovering that she tested positive for the coronavirus disease. The incident happened recently, within the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

According to some sources, the couple was involved in an intense argument. additionally , amidst this, the husband acknowledged about the wife getting infected. subsequent thing the wife knew was she got pushed from the 5th floor.

The threat of contagion has twisted our psychological responses to everyday interactions. We all are sure to behave within the most unexpected ways when encountering people during this pandemic.

Regardless of that, what the husband did here isn’t in the least justified. regardless of what proportion you fear the infected person, pushing them from a five-story height is that the last item that might occur to you.

During a fight, the husband pushed his wife and she or he fell to the bottom , unconscious. the autumn caused severe fractures in her spine. The woman, aged 25, fortunately, survived the autumn . She was immediately taken to the hospital by her neighbors. She had surgery for spinal injuries.

The security services within the area of Al-Matareya in central Cairo have gathered some details. They received notification from the hospital that the lady has severe broken fractures everywhere her body.

The security authorities have detained the husband in prison. Amidst the investigation, he confessed that there have been ongoing disputes together with his wife. Additionally, they were having constant arguments and had decided to separate.

Furthermore, the husband also admitted that the strain worsened when he acknowledged she had contracted coronavirus.

Husband’s statement to the police was:
“I was scared of becoming infected. My wife took three tests, which all confirmed she was infected. So I asked her to go away the house. But when she refused, I pushed her.”

Consequently, the general public Prosecution Office has ordered his imprisonment for 4 days. he’s remanded in custody pending investigation and trial on charges of attempted murder.

The investigation is pending because the team wasn’t ready to hear the wife’s side of the story. Her testimony isn’t heard yet, which impends the investigation.

Soon after spine surgery, the victim was isolated. Thus, the authorities are now expecting the wife to recover. Once she completes her quarantine, she will provide a sworn statement.

However, the doctor says that it could take her months to completely recover. Her infection was quite stable, but in spite of that, she remains during a critical condition.

This shocking incident has shone a light-weight upon the increasing panic over the pandemic. In fact, not only that, but it’s also blown the lid off the very fact that violence has tremendously increased during the coronavirus lockdown.

There has been a worldwide increase in violence amidst the pandemic. As many of us are trapped in homes with their abusers, the cases are reported to possess increased by 20%.

Every day we awaken to some bad news, which has a toll on our psychological state . it’s important to offer your psychological state priority during coronavirus pandemic.

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