After Hajj success, Saudi Arabia to open Umrah

Following the successful Hajj, the Saudi government began considering lifting the ban on Umrah.

Due to the Corona pandemic, in February this year, the Saudi government banned people from abroad from entering the country for Umrah.

The government later announced a ban on Umrah for all foreign and domestic pilgrims in early March.

The Saudi government banned Umrah in March and closed all mosques and other holy sites, leaving them completely closed for about two and a half months.

This time, the Saudi government selected only 10,000 pilgrims for the Hajj, all of whom lived in Saudi Arabia .

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Strict measures were taken by the govt during the Hajj and every one pilgrims were instructed to wear face masks and distance themselves from one another .

The Arab broadcaster Al-Arabiya, citing a report within the Saudi newspaper Okaz, said authorities were considering lifting the ban on Umrah.

The report said that after the successful Hajj, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has indicated that the ban on Umrah are going to be lifted within the next few weeks.

It is not clear how long the govt intends to lift the ban on Umrah, but it’s expected to be announced by the top of September.

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