Afghani mother and her son selling “Aloo Parathay” in The Capital.

Sometimes compulsion and poverty lead us to very difficult times. This orphan boy along with his mother sells “Aaloo Paratha” in Islamabad. There is no shame in it. They feel pride.

Selling this item is their source of income. In the morning they go to their schools but nowadays due to lock-down, he is helping her mother.
In a video posted by Urdu news, he said, “Our father passed away early since we had no one else to earn bread and butter, I along with my mother and siblings come every day to sell our special Aloo Paratha,”

They started from zero after they were robbed at gunpoint. The robbers took her mother’s money and jewelry, which she saved to start a small business for her family.

Later on, they started selling chips in a park to earn money but unfortunately, that didn’t go well. So they had to end that. Currently, they are selling Aloo paratha to earn money.

In the morning, the mother goes to stitching classes and her kids go to school. Then when she comes home, she starts her “Aloo Paratha” preparations. Then her kid joins her to sell paratha and earn money.

Due to lock-down, they are facing a hard time. They are very proud of her mother who is raising them and they feel proud of what they do.

This family is an example of inspiration. They choose “halaal” way to earn money instead of going for begging. They are earning a respectable livelihood. We praise their efforts and pray for their betterment in the future.

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