Adnan Siddiqui says Mohsin Abbas Haider should be given a second chance

Adnan Siddiqui believes that Mohsin Abbas Haider should tend a second chance because he “has been punished enough”. Siddiqui is producing Mohsin’s upcoming drama Ghamandi during which he are going to be sharing the screen with rumoured girlfriend Nazish Jahangir.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Siddiqui said: “First of all, I don’t think what Mohsin did should’ve been within the papers, to start with. That’s a debate I don’t want to urge into but I feel that folks are just getting to enjoy or show pride from your misery. Nobody wants to assist you.”

The actor then said that folks should tend second chances.

“Hypothetically speaking, if you are doing not provides a chance to someone who deserves it – simply because of their personal life – aren’t you making them a tolerant repression?” questioned Adnan.

He continued, “You’ve punished him enough, he had also lost his show. But we are not any one to prevent anyone from earning. once we aren’t the providers of livelihood why should we be those taking it away?”

Adnan added that he believes that art should be separated from the artist.

Meanwhile, Sohail Javed who is directing the serial has shared that Ghamandi are going to be a “family drama”.

Mohsin Abbas made headlines last year after his former wife Fatima Sohail accused him of being abusive towards her and alleged that he was cheating on her. She later also filed an FIR against the singer on grounds of abusive behaviour which Mohsin extorted money from her. In August 2019, Mohsin was found guilty of threatening Fatema by a inferior court in Lahore. However, he was found innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife. Their divorce was finalised in September 2019.

Following the allegations, Mohsin was faraway from Dunya News’ talk-show Mazaq Raat.

Meanwhile, on Friday it had been reported that Mohsin and Nazish were arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s cybercrime wing over charges of blackmailing, harassment, fake pictures and videos. Fatima had filed a case with FIA accusing Mohsin and Nazish of harassing her over social media. However, the duo rejected the reports and dismissed them as fake news.

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