A large quantity of gold, antique coins, silver jewellery, gold biscuits found in Multan

When the demolition of the dilapidated building within the southern Punjab city of Multan began, it had been discovered that there was an outsized number of gold ornaments in its basement.

The administration sealed it and reopened it yesterday within the presence of archaeologists, judicial officers, district administration and police representatives.

Antique coins, gold and silver jewellery, gold biscuits and ancient Pakistani currency are recovered from the decades-old warehouse building.

The administration has imposed an entire ban on the entry of media and unauthorized persons at this place.

SHO Chahlik police headquarters and President District Bar, who are responsible of security of valuables recovered from the warehouse, have confirmed the treasure found within the building. However, no stand has been taken by the district administration and other officials.

SHO Chahlik Akhtar Hussain, while lecture NewsBox, said that in the development work from the warehouse of District Court, which has been closed for many years , the workers got some coins on which the old building of the warehouse was sealed seven days ago.

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