A Close Friend Of Late Dr. Maha Alleges They Were About To Get Married

On August 19, a young influencer and doctor Maha Shah was pronounced dead each day after a mysterious shooting incident at her home. Dr. Maha was later rushed to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition. Sadly, the poor lady succumbed to her injury and died within a couple of hours.

According to the police, the family of the deceased claim that she committed suicide in her washroom on the primary floor of the house. Strangely, no FIR has been registered regarding the suicide case.

In addition to the present , no claims by the family have come to the fore regarding the matter. the small print suggest that the police would identify this case as murder if any evidence or proof found.

Although the family had insisted that she took her own life. The story seems to possess taken quite bizarre turn, especially since the police stepped in. Moreover, the injury caused by the bullet fired from a pistol seemed to get on the backside of her head. If it were a suicide, how can she shoot herself on the rear of her head? A seemingly open-shut case has proven to be something much more unsettling and fearful.

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