9 Year Old Lioness Died While Being Shifted to Lahore

A nine-year-old lioness died while she was being shifted from Marghazar Zoo to a sanctuary in Lahore, possibly thanks to travel stress. A fellow lion is currently sick, consistent with the the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB).

Chairperson of the IWMB, Dr Anis Rehman, believes that the death of the nine-year-old lioness occured thanks to the strain of travelling during this season. Both lions were moved between July 26 and July 27, in cages that are made for travelling.

When the lioness died, the male lion is being taken care of at Mohiuddin Private Breeding Farm on Ganda Singh Road in Lahore. consistent with him, the lions can live up to 12 years in captivity.

Dr Rehman further added that process of catching animals and shifting them into cages, along side the weather during this season, causes stress to the animals.

Lahore Lioness

For now, the body of the lioness has been taken to General Veterinary Hospital for a autopsy . The results are going to be announced once they are received by the IWMB.

The Ministry of global climate change isn’t happy about this incident, as sources state it had been ill-advised to maneuver the lions from Islamabad to a sanctuary in Lahore in such a weather.

“These are the worst months to shift animals because they’re just too stressed. We never recommend shifting animals in extreme temperatures. It’s unbearable for humans under a lover . It can only be left to one’s imagination what animals must undergo ,” a source within the ministry said.

Chairperson Rehman showed his disappointment, because the government has not agreed to the zoo administration’s request for an animal hospital on the zoo.

“The vet could only check out animals once they fell sick, but couldn’t help them or put them under anaesthesia to perform procedures to make sure better health,” Dr Rehman stated.

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