8-Year-Old Housemaid Beaten To Death For Unintentionally Setting Free Dear Parrots

An 8 years old girl was hit mercilessly by her bosses. The reason? She accidentally released their exotic parrots.

The culprits, Hassan Siddiqui, and his wife, during a fit of rage for losing two expensive exotic parrots, lashed out on the poor soul. who later succumb to injuries and passed away.

Moreover, Siddiqui, who works in buying and selling birds and property, confessed to the present heinous crime.

According to reports, the minor identified as Zohra Shah was hired to require care of the couple’s son. While she was cleaning the cage of the said imported birds she unintentionally set them free causing great excitement.

Her mistake? She accidentally released their parrots
As per the initial police report, the poor minor was unconscious when she was delivered to the hospital. She was given emergency medical treatment then was kept on a ventilator within the ICU.

Sadly the poor minor couldn’t survive the brutal beating and gave up the ghost.

The girl belonged to Muzaffargarh, a city in Punjab, according to the police statement. The couple employed her through her uncle.

Twitterati share grief over a horrible incident.

JusticeForZohra trends on twitter

Child labour itself is a highly debatable topic. Where some are completely against it, others justify it as a mirrored image of poverty within the country.

In 2017, a judge and his wife beat up a minor maid performing at their house. Tayaba was working within the house of Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan. Furthermore, the family apparently had no pity for the child-housemaid. They punished the poor soul by beating and burning her.

Regardless of the reason why poor parents send their beloved children away to work, no one has the right to hurt them or abuse them. Be it physical abuse or verbal. In no way should it’s forgiven and people who do so should be held in charge of their actions.

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