59,200 patients recovered from coronavirus in Pakistan

The situation of coronavirus in Pakistan is becoming more and more alarming and thousands of cases and dozens of deaths are coming to light a day .

The total number of individuals infected with the coronavirus within the country thus far has reached 160,118 while the price has reached 3,093.

As of the morning of June 18, there have been 2380 new cases of coronavirus and 60 deaths within the country. it’s going to be recalled that 133 deaths were reported during a single day within the country yesterday.

A further 1899 new cases of Coronavirus and 53 deaths were reported in Punjab province.

According to the official data dashboard, 1890 new cases were reported in Punjab within the last 24 hours, bringing the entire to 60,125. additionally , 770 more people across the country have fully recovered from the virus.

According to the official dashboard, there have been 778 people within the country who had recovered from the virus within the last 24 hours, bringing the entire number of individuals who have recovered thus far from 58,400 to 59,200.

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