5 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

Practically all households have spare phones lying around, purposeless just waiting to pick up again. If you get a new phone and you chose not to replace it for the new one, this article is for you.

Your old phone could be more valuable than you think, let me tell you how? We are here to assist you to test your options.

Your old phone could also be worth more to your reception than you think. According to Katie Connor at CNET, your old phone deserves a replacement life.

It can replace or substitute another device you would like. Your cell phones are more powerful than you know. In fact, the supercomputer that was used to launch Neil Armstrong into space had 32,768 bits of RAM memory.

The latest cell phones today are 34,359,738,368 bits. “This is quite a million (1,048,576 to be exact) times more memory than the Apollo computer had in RAM” (source). Do you need to throw away such a strong device in your bedside table drawer?

Following are some uses:

• Remote Control:

We all know that Androids have a universal remote control option. Some have it in-built within the phone, which is super-efficient; others can just download the app.

Sync your device to the appliances you would like–AC, Smart TV, or any compatible device, and use it as a secondary option. Sometimes our primary remotes mysteriously disappear and searching for it’s troublesome.

• Android as Google Home:

Google Home costs about $125–$150. Why spend more when your Android can perform almost equivalent tasks? If your old phone is updated to the newest Android OS, so it responds to its calling “OK, Google”.

Next, find a Bluetooth speaker (available for a reasonable price at Miniso, otherwise you can check Audionic or Ronin for more options). Once that’s settled, you’ve got your very own “Android Home”. It can answer your questions, organize for you, and make tasks simple for you.

• Home Security Camera:

We all learn smartphones have brilliant camera resolution, so why not repurpose the camera for your safety? Download security camera apps like Alfred on your old phone, and place the phone in your front room, bedroom, nursery (if you’ve got kids and babysitters), or porch (but make sure you have a plug-in adapter and charger available). These apps allow us to watch and catch any suspicious activity or theft while you’re at work or away.

• Baby Monitor:

Baby Monitors are required by all new parents today. Though they’re affordable, and someone might even gift you one on your baby shower, it’s a touch noisy once you turn it on. Parents can use the old phone to watch their newborn baby noiselessly while mothers carry about housework or attend work. Fathers can use this option to stay in touch with their babies too.

Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Video allows for video calling and picture-in-picture options. All smartphones have decent or good quality front cameras, it’s free and straightforward to use. There are alternative mobile apps available like Dormi for Android Smartphones and Cloud Baby Monitor for iPhones.

• Music Players:

This one is for the music lovers out there. Try to delete old apps and other useless data from your old phone, and use it only as a media player. Download multiple music apps that you like, or keep YouTube running if you like watching videos. Connect your phone to your surround-sound speaker.

Call your friends over, or take these appliances to your friends’ birthday parties and play songs uninterrupted. You won’t have to worry about notifications, calls or text messages pouring in.

Instead of spending on another expensive device, be creative and switch your old phone into a device you’ll use. Here are a few ideas for you, and if you’ve got more suggestions to be happy to comment below.

Author: Nadia Arshad, a SEO Content Writer

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