22 Commandments Of Allah That All Muslim Wants To Know

Allah, the supreme, omniscient, and inescapable, cherishes his creation. The ruler of all has guided humankind through the sacred book, the Quran.

Shockingly, the Muslim of today doesn’t peruse the Quran in its full substance. He thinks that its hard to grasp the importance and message of the Quran.

In any case, there are sure stanzas in the Quran in which Allah is legitimately telling people, and which are anything but difficult to peruse.

Allah, the most helpful and benevolent has uncovered Islam with the goal that mankind can profit and locate the correct way. Islam, the deen (a total lifestyle), has responded to all the inquiries of humankind.

In any case, just those will discover the appropriate responses, who truly need them. Allah consistently uncovers reality for the individuals who look for it.

Here is the rundown of hardly any decrees from Allah for the Muslims.

  1. Limit Anger

Allah says about controlling the indignation in Surah e Al-e Imran (3:134). Outrage is denied in Islam.

  1. Regard others

In this stanza of Surah, A Nisa, Allah says, “Love Allah and partner nothing with Him, and to guardians do great, and to family members, vagrants, the destitute, the close to neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the friend next to you, the explorer, and those whom your correct hands have.” (4:36)

  1. Try not to be egotistical

In surah, Al Araf, Allah discusses egotism. (7:13)

  1. Excuse others for their missteps

In Surah At Taghabun, Allah says, “O you who have accepted, to be sure, among your spouses and your youngsters are foes to you, so be careful with them. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you exculpation and disregard and pardon – in reality, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (62:14)

  1. Address individuals gently

In Surah, Taha, Allah talk orders about tenderness in discourse. (20:44)

  1. Try not to criticism or affront others

In Surah Al hujarat, Allah Almighty says, “O you who have accepted, let not a people criticize [another] individuals; maybe they might be superior to them, nor let ladies disparage [other] ladies; maybe they might be superior to them. Furthermore, don’t affront each other and don’t call each other by [offensive] monikers.” (49:11)

  1. Be devoted and deferential to guardians

In Surah Al Isra Allah’s orders about guardians. (17:23)

  1. Try not to devour intrigue

In Surah Al-Baqarah Allah severely restricts intrigue and usuary. Allah says The people who devour intrigue can’t stand [on the Day of Resurrection] aside from as one stand who is being beaten by Satan into craziness.

That is on the grounds that the state, Exchange is [just] like intrigue. But Allah has allowed exchange and has illegal intrigue. (2:275)

  1. Try not to take part in pay off

In Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah orders about pay off. Allah says, And don’t swallow each other’s riches unreasonably or send it [in bribery] to the rulers all together that [they may aid] you [to] expend a bit of the abundance of the individuals in wrongdoing, while you know [it is unlawful]. (2:188)

  1. Try not to break the guarantee

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah, “[those who] satisfy their guarantee when they guarantee.” (2:177)

  1. Keep the trust

Keeping trust is one of the very pinnacle of commitments in Islam. Allah orders about trust in Surah Baqrah. (2:283)

  1. Try not to blend reality in with deception

What’s more, don’t blend being in with deception or cover reality while you know [it]. – Surah Al-Baqarah. (2:42)

  1. Judge with equity between individuals

Allah discusses equity in Surah-Nisa. (4:58)

  1. Help those deprived by discovering them

Allah discusses good cause and aiding those deprived in Surah Al Baqarah. (2:273)

  1. Try not to try and approach unlawful sex

In Surah Al-Isra, Allah has prohibited unlawful sex. (17:32)

  1. Try not to execute one another

In Surah Nisa, Allah discusses murdering each other which is restricted in Islam. Furthermore, The refrain likewise tells about the individuals who erroneously murder anybody; and what to do in the event that somebody slaughters another being. (4:92)

  1. Try not to affront others’ divinities (Gods)

In Surah, Al Anaam, Allah says, “And don’t affront those they conjure other than Allah, in case they affront Allah in ill will without information.” Hence, it is precluded in Islam to affront the gods of different religions. (6:108)

  1. Never surrender any expectation of Allah’s Mercy

Allah says in Surah, Yusuf (Joseph), “In fact, nobody surrenders all expectations regarding alleviation from Allah with the exception of the distrusting individuals.” (12:87)

  1. Nobody will bear others’ wrongdoings

Everybody is answerable for his own deed. In Surah, Al-Isra, Allah says, “Whoever is guided is just guided for [the advantage of] his spirit.

What’s more, whoever fails just blunders against it. Also, no conveyor of weights will bear the weight of another.” (17:15)

  1. Ladies ought not show their luxury

In Surh, Al-Ahzab, Allah says, “And don’t show yourselves as [was] the showcase of the previous occasions of obliviousness.” (33:33)

  1. Treat non-Muslims in a sort and reasonable way

In Surah, Mumtahanah, Allah says, “Allah doesn’t preclude you from the individuals who don’t battle you in light of religion and don’t oust you from your homes – from being equitable toward them and acting evenhandedly toward them.” (60:8)

  1. Try not to repulse the solicitor/bum

In Surah, Ad Duha, Allah says, “And with respect to the candidate, don’t repulse [him].” (93:10)

All in all, the religion of harmony, Islam is the finished lifestyle. Allah has guided people about everything in this materialistic world.

There are decorums for each event. Those things question and answers which are not satisfactory in the Quran can be gained from Hadiths and Tafseer of the Quran.

Author: Nadia Arshad, an SEO Content Writer

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