20 Ways to Earn Money Online

20 Ways to Earn Money Online

If you don’t have a job these days, or you’re a housewife who isn’t able to go out and earn for her family or you can be a graduate looking for an internship or a student who wants to buy an education. Earning money online are often satisfactory to fill the financial gaps or for somebody.

It rates Pakistan among the most cost-effective labour available globally with a population who can speak English. India is on that list too. Businesses in the US, UK, Australia and Canada outsource fresh graduates for call centre jobs and appearance for knowledgeable professionals willing to line up a little business.

What you need to get started?

• A lot of patience:

Earning an income online is straightforward, but earning a good amount of cash is often challenging sometimes. Some months specialized and a few are often just fine.


You want to have some know-how about computer and internet. You can’t have a stable online earning source if you don’t have the essential knowledge to work a computer or how the web works.

English Language:

You want to understand English a minimum of at a basic level. Having proficiency in English communication is usually a plus.

Consistency and hard work:

Earning online is often easy, but maintaining the financial flow requires consistency in work and an attitude that shouts diligence.

Ways to earn money online

I have been during this industry for the last 5+ years. I am sharing an inventory of the way which will be useful if you would like to earn money online from home.

Blogging: First things first! What you are most passionate about? Never start a blog during which you might lose interest later. You need excellent English communication skills to start out your own blog. Stay away from plagiarism.

Earn through Data Entry:

I take Data entry into account to be among the most important skills you must earn money online. It also lists it is also because of the topmost jobs available online in terms of projects volume.

Become a neighborhood of marketing research groups:

Marketing research is just like the bread and butter of an ad agency in Pakistan. Contact some local or large companies or research agencies and become a neighborhood of the focused groups. You do not understand what proportion they value your opinions.

Online Money

1. Fill out some survey forms

2. Refer products/services and get paid

3. Ever thought of selling photos

4. Become a reviewer

5. Become a travel agent

6. Arts and crafts

7. Telemarketing

8. Freelancing

9. Work for a publishing house.

10. Academic Write-ups

11. Become an accounts consultant

12. Video Tutorials

13. Affiliate Marketing

14. Design a website

15. Web development

16. SEO

17. Design a mobile app

• Be aware of scam sites. Yes, you won’t believe but there are more scam sites out there to hunt you than reliable clients paying competitive salaries.

• Get your research work properly done. Don’t be desperate, don’t be blind. Always search for site reviews, Google your client’s name or the company he/she represents.

• Mark a target for yourself. Never work for full beforehand before getting paid, or get paid beforehand.

• Payment gateways should be agreed on from each side Paypal (not allowed in Pakistan yet but still are often used), Skrill, Payoneer, Bank wire transfer or others; confirm both parties agree to one of them. Don’t work outside the freelancing websites. Avoid that or you might be fooled. A friend of mine faced PKR 100,000 loss recently because he made the error of handling the client outside the first source of Freelancer.

Share your experiences with us if you’ve got been trying any of the above-earning methods. Leave comments to feature more ways to earn money online from home.

Happy Earning!

Author: Nadia Arshad, a Professional SEO content Writer.

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