11-year-old Karachi boy sets new Guinness World record

The year 2020 is popping towards quite successful aspect for us Pakistanis. Glory marks again as another victory stands ahead folks . A 10-year-old British Pakistani boy is making rounds within the news; as he manages to win a prestigious world-known certificate.

Let’s be honest, mathematics is one among the toughest and toughest subjects we all had to review as a child . So it’s quite amazing to find out that a boy who may be a British Pakistani managed to win a gift which many folks might even dream of. Nadub Gil may be a British Pakistani boy who just won a Guinness record for the fastest Time Tabler.

Although the whole idea of winning such a noble award and certification with worldly recognition isn’t only inspiring and motivating for several . But it’s also making us feel pleased with the amazing and potential talent we’ve in our country and even among the abroad settling countries.

Above all, this British Pakistani boy after winning the Guinness record , states that he wishes to figure harder and with a more positive attitude towards bringing more acclamation within the name of Pakistan. He thanks his teachers, parents, and every one people who trained and supported him for this great accomplishment.

He mentions during an interview with an area news channel, that for winning this recognition, he was alleged to answer 100 and sixty questions of multiplication time tables. Wow! If that isn’t some accomplishment we don’t know what it is!

Moreover, he also adds during the interview, he wishes to get older to be an astrologist. in order that he can study astronomy and find out different celestial bodies. He thinks that with diligence concentration and tons of determination, almost everything is feasible .

Therefore, his message to the planet is that if one works to accomplish their goals passionately nothing is difficult. When asked his parents, Nadub’s mother claimed, that this victory of her son are some things she is incredibly fascinated and pleased with . it’s her dream come faithful see her children shine and achieve life. She feels she is lucky and gifted to possess a son as talented as Nadub Gil.

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