10 Tips For Weight Loss During Ramadan

Ramadan is here and losing weight in ramadan is not easy. The consumption of food reduced to almost half which persistently lead you to chop the load solely. But the normal practices of Iftar preparation won’t be helpful therein .

Fasting from dawn to dusk helps your stomach to detoxify by not eating during the day the amount of nutrients your body absorbs from the food you did intake, increases. It accelerates the speed of metabolism, contrary to how the body reacts normally, once we skip a meal. When you restricts your stomach to work on a certain time, it shrinks your stomach and makes it work for long time without food. With this training you will normalize your stomach in a better way all along the year. Do the same with your whole body parts. Losing weight in ramadan is all about steadiness. That means not abandoning the foods you desire and love, but instead, finding healthy alternatives for your go-to indulgences.

How Do You Keep Healthy In Ramadan?

Avoid Starch and Sugar

Starch and Sugar

Starches from things like bread, pasta, and high sugar fruit, and processed food like soda and desserts are often easily replaced by alternative sweeteners- which contain sugar with zero calories, but keep its use to the minimum level.

Add Protein

protein food

Consume four to 6 ounces of protein at Seheri, Iftar and dinner. The protein source are often eggs, beef, poultry, fish, or maybe beef steak is ok once in a while . Not only fat gives food taste with its filling so it can assist you eat less. Protein adds fuel to your muscle and helps the fats to burn.

Delight the Foods with Natural Fats

natural fat food

The dietary fats are the key to drop the weight. All fats except manufactured Tran’s fats (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) play a serious role to lose the load . Be sure you’ve got things like avocado, olive oil, dressing , nuts, seeds and spread , with each meal and snack.

Make Meal Simple

simple meal

If you’re actually committed to yourself to reduce this Ramadan, then make the diet plan first which incorporates proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Consider Replacing the Parathas, Pakoras & Samosas with some nutritious healthy meal for both Seheri and Iftari. With adequate protein, high fiber foods, and healthy fats like vegetable oil , and nuts, you’ve got the right combination to remain satisfied

Go Get some Healthy

healthy meal

Being on diet doesn’t mean that you simply cannot eat out with family, yes you’ll . But be careful about selection of the restaurant. A looking for the most recent steak or salad with unique dressing could be supportive.

Eggs- Your Best Friends

egg meal

Add a two egg omelet, full of cheese in Seheri. For the simplest flat belly results, eat the yolk mostly. They are one of the most effective nutritive sources of metabolism-boosting with vitamin B and choline, an essential nutrient used in the construction of all the body’s cell membranes. Add your favorite ingredients if you would like to avoid the cheese.

Two Snacks a Day


Whenever your family asked to require some light snacks don’t resist. Go ahead. The meal in Iftar contains tons of unhealthy snacks which you’ll make healthy by suggesting your mom new recipes. For example make sandwiches with boiled chicken, vegetables and pickles or fry the sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.

Make Smart Substitution

smoked salmon

Trying to go without something you love is more likely to persuade desires for the real deal, if it’s ice cream you’re looking for after long patience in Iftar, go for for natural yogurt (with but 8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams), mix it with fresh fruits you wish , and freeze it in cube . If chocolate is your love, choose low-carb chocolate snack bars. A bittersweet chocolate , no-sugar-added chocolate candy are going to be also good.

Water and Water and Water

Without any direction, it’s obvious that after breaking fast all you need is water. But wait. Don’t be overloaded. Take about ten cups (almost 10 liters) water with some interval of your time . It will burn the fats, clear the waste products out from your kidney and pack up your stomach

Don’t give up the Dairy Products

dairy product

It has been found that dairy not only hamper your weight but hamper the vital sign also . And all you recognize about tradition of taking yoghurt, Doodh Pheni in Seheri, and Dahe Bhalle, Doodh Soda in Iftar. So be happy at least at this point.

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