1 Pakistani child died 4 in critical condition in Beirut blast

A blast near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has killed a minimum of one Pakistani child and injured four others.

Pakistani Ambassador to Lebanon Najeeb Durrani confirmed the death of a Pakistani child within the Beirut blast, saying the 14-year-old’s father and sister were seriously injured.

Pakistani Ambassador Najeeb Durrani said that the child’s father Sajid and sister are admitted to the ICU. The mother and grandmother of the kid were also injured.

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Najeeb Durrani said that the affected Pakistani family was living during a flat near the port and embassy staff was there to assist the affected family.

The Pakistani ambassador said that the sound of the Beirut blast was heard as far as Cyprus and its effects were felt in Syria.

The blast has thus far killed 140 people and injured 4500, while vehicles, including the port and surrounding buildings, are severely damaged.


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